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SCARECROW N.W.A. – Advanced Deathmetal Art

This is the english version. For the original – french – version pls check: Metallian Magazine France, issue 79/2013

Scarecrow NWA was born in 1995 but you’re not so famous in France for the moment. Could you please introduce the band to our readers?

First of all thank you for your interest in SCNWA. We are an austrian Deathmetal-band, founded in 1995 by our lead-guitar-player Alex. After some demo-releases we did our debut in 2009 with the “Ishmael” album. We had many changes in our line-up, so the sound of SCNWA has changed during the years. We did Powermetal, Melodicmetal, even Speedmetal but then we returned to Deathmetal. I think we have our own way in mixing different metal-styles to create our “Advanced Deathmetal Art”. This year we will release our new LP “Transgression” through Noiseheadrecords.

Transgressionis your 5th LP since your beginnings. Would you say this is a very special album, or more the continuation of what you did before?

Every album we did was a special album at the time of its release. Ishmael was special because we got our 1st label deal. But yes, Transgression is a very special album. There was never something like continuation neither in our music nor in the band itself. With every song we enhanced our style as we always do.

In the presentation of your new album Transgression, your label explains it is a different record from the previous ones. Why would you say that?

We call it different; because it’s the first time we did an album without keyboards. Compared to our earlier work it’s straight but not monosonic.

You also explain there are no samples, synthesizers or keyboards on the record. Why is it important to you to keep a classic metal line-up?

We are all more or less children of the 80’s & 90’s, therefore we keep the real metal line-up as it is still the most powerful way to perform our music. It never was important for us to keep a classic metal line-up, we tried everything but for our actual sound it is the best.

Aren’t you interested in experimentations?

Experimentations are a major point in our music, not in the sound but in songwriting. As we mentioned before, we tried everything from keyboards to synthesizers. For the Ishmael record we even had our own composer for some parts.

Your music is a mixture of death metal with progressive and melodic elements. How would you define it yourself?

Exactly that’s what we would say too. Our singer Bernd likes to call it “Advanced Deathmetal Art”.

Your line-up didn’t change since your last album Ishmael in 2009. Is it important for you to keep stability?

We had many line-ups throughout the years, now it’s stable since a couple of years and that’s good. It made things easier for us to create our music, our style.

Scarecrow NWA is a “live-band” as you write in your presentation. Why is playing live so important for you?

Playing live is important, it brings us next to our fans and that’s what we like. We always tried to write songs that sound good on a record as well as live.

You seem to have played a lot in Central and Eastern Europe. Do you intend to discover other countries (France, UK, maybe overseas)?

To conquer other countries is always nice – but this depends on that where our bookers send us to. We think it would be great playing in France. Some of our favorite bands are French, like Adagio, Dagoba, Scarve or Anorexia Nervosa.

“TRANSGRESSION” is a record about hate, destruction and death but also about love and mankind’s desire for salvation”… Can you tell us more about that statement? Any concept behind this?

There is no concept in the lyrics of Transgression. These keywords describe the central theme of the record. We started the recording back in 2012 and we wanted to write an album about the end of the world, since this was predicted. Every song tells a story about a way this could happen.

Why this choice to record at home in Graz? Anything happening in the Graz metal scene?

We feel familiar with doing the recording in Graz as we did before; the other thing is the better time arrangement since we all live and work here. The metal scene in Graz is as good as it is in other austrian/european cities. But there is a lack of concerts in Graz.

During the recordings of ISHMAEL (2009), Orestis left the band and with him one of the most significant items of their music: the keyboards… Do you think that this slice change in terms of musical direction improved your actual sound? Why this choice?

Orestis left the band in friendship. Our style of music changed and to develop new songs, the keyboard had to be replaced by a 2nd guitar.

So tell us more about the new album and how you would sell it to people who don’t know you?

Transgression is not a typical Deathmetal album. It is a fast, powerful album but you will find many melodic parts, even some clean vocals on it.Almost an hour of touching and forcing songs that can give you goosebumps as well is waiting for the metalfan. And we put a very special bonus track on it, our homage to classic Heavymetal.

What do you think about the austrian scene of nowadays and its evolution during the years?

Austria is a small country but has a big amount of very talented metal bands. But these are all “local-heroes”. We only have a few bands that are well known outside our home country, such as Belphegor, The Sorrow, Dornenreich or Hollenthon. And of course the market for selling CD’s is far too small. Most of the shows that are played take place in Vienna and it’s the same with the tours. The austrian metal fans are great and that’s what it depends on.

How do you see from now the first demo of 1996?

Our first demo – from today’s sight – is a great piece of music, for the possibilities we had at that time – you know? No internet, no digital recordings… just plug and play.

With the music industry going down and average labels having more and more difficulties to promote their bands, don’t you think that only the bands signed to major labels like nuclear blast or century media… etc, will survive through the years?

I don’t think so. There are so many bands signed to the “big” labels that sound almost the same. They have their deals until the time for their style is over and afterwards they are kicked out.  A band is only interesting for a label, as long as it brings money and sells CD’s. That’s the story about metal nowadays. You have to sell your product otherwise you won’t get paid. We exist since 1995, almost 20 years. Unless we cannot live from our music, we have fun and that’s the point.

How can you define a live show of SCARECROW so what can we expect from your new live performances?

We always try to give everything on stage. We always have a lot of fun and we want to transfer this to the fans. Our shows are not prearranged. Let’s say we live for the moment. Our new performances will be more structured and more powerful. But it will be best visiting one of our shows to see what’s really going on.

Your next plans and expectations? Touring plans?

After the release of Transgression on 28th of September we will play some shows in Austria and maybe in the neighbourhood. Hopefully next year we will play some festivals in Europe and maybe we can visit France too.

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