ArtWork - Transgression (2013) Artist: Scarecrow N.W.A.
Album Title: Transgression
Label: Noiseheadrecords
Cat. Number: 3NHR251
Running Time: 01:00:21
Genre: Death Metal
Homecountry: Austria
Release Date: 28.09.2013



  1. MMXII
  2. Transgression
  3. Self-Enslavement
  4. Technology of Death
  5. Backstab Romance
  6. Resurrection
  7. At Dead of Night
  8. Feel the Silence
  9. Scarecrow´s Song (Bonus Track)


TRANSGRESSION is the 5th full-length album of SCARECROW N.W.A. recorded, mixed and mastered at Pantheon Recording Studios in Graz (AT) by Georg Walt. Different to the former recordings – including the 2009 output ISHMAEL (PH-Music), produced by Walt as well – the focus on TRANSGRESSION lies on authenticity and reproducibility. SCNWA are a live-band and so their music should reflect their pressure full live performance. You will find no samples, synthesizers or keyboards on the record, only a pure metal line up: guitars, drums & bass. The vocals are rough and clear and so they directly find the way to your ears.TRANSGRESSION is a record about hate, destruction and death but also about love and mankind’s desire for salvation. These are the central themes of the lyrics too.The artwork of TRANSGRESSION was designed by talented and well-respected Brazilian artist Caio Caldas ( who created the perfect design to the music of SCNWA.Almost an hour of touching and forcing songs that can give you goosebumps as well, is waiting for the metalfan.